Denmark Daily New’s

It all began in 1933, when the Nazis took over Denmark .Annmarie was a intelligent little girl,she was a good runner and really brave;she had blond hair and blue eyes. Her best friend Ellen on the on the other hand had black hair and brown eyes. Annmarie little sister Kirsti was a blabber mouth. She too had blond hair and blue eyes. At that time the Nazis soldiers had came to look for the Rosen family but they had left there home. They where looking for them because they where Jew’s. The Johansen had to act like Ellen was there daughter; like Lisa, she had black hair too. Mama had taken them to her brother house ,Papa had to stay for a little bit so it would not look suspension. Uncle Henrik and Peter had brought all the Jew’s they can to rescued them. The Nazis came and found out that a lot of people had came Mrs. Johansen had said that Great Aunt Berta had died from a very bad illness. The Nazis told her to open it after they left. When they left Peter read a song out of the bible, after he was done he open the casket; their was no Great Ant Berta the only thing that was their was clothes. They had handed it out to the Jew’s. At midnight Uncle Henrik had loaded the boat. He had to get people into small groups so they would not be seen. On the last load Mrs. Johansen had, where she came back she had trip on a log. Annmarie shall her out the window she ran as fast as she could. When she reach over to her and shall her ankle it was broken. When she brought her Mama to rest she laded her on the couch she was so sleepy; and Annmarie too. Kirsti had been asleep. Annmarie found a packet on the stairs. She told her Mama she told her to go to Uncle Henrik boat and give it to him. She was in the right path,but then the Nazis had stop her she had been so brave. She made it to Uncle Henrik boat she told him what had happen. When Annmarie had left; the Nazis had came on his boat. He acted like he had a cold when he got out the cloth it made the dog nose numb; so they could not find the Jew’s. After they found out that Peter was helping the Jew’s they had killed him. Everyone was sad he had done the right job to help the Jew’s, but the Nazi’s had been destroyer.

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