How to Make a Differnce

I hope I can make a different by stopping bullies and stand out for the people who are getting there feelings hurt. It makes me so mad when people start telling them what to do. They probably have no idea how it makes them feel.They should think what they are about to do and think how there going to make them feel. You should tell a teacher or a parent and not keep it secret, and if you don’t tell a teacher or parent the bullies will think its okay and its not.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Differnce

  1. HI Aylin!
    I think that it is great that you are trying to stop bullying. Our teacher just ironically gave us the assignment today about seeing what we are interested in for a cause and trying to stop that too. Great job with your blog! If you have time please check out my blog as it seems we are both interested in volleyball and softball! Happy blogging
    -Amanda (:

  2. i agree with you saying to make a differnce in bullying. Everywhere you look is bulying and i so agree wth this post. ^.^

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